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Top 10 Diversity Consultants - 2018

This category recognises the achievements of individuals who are making an impact in diversity through their work as management consultants.

Charlotte Sweeny OBE  – Founder and CEO,  Charlotte Sweeney Associates (Europe)

Farhana Ahmed – Managing Director, Dacarba (USA)

Ian Johnson – CEO, Out Now Consulting (Netherlands)

Jane Farrel – Chief Executive, EW Group (Europe)

Lisa Kepinski & Tinna C. Nielsen - Co-Founders of the non-profit Inclusion Nudges global initiative

Philip Patston – Managing Director, Diversity New Zealand Ltd (New Zealand)

Rachael Ross and Robin Schneider – Founders, Schneider~Ross (UK)

Rajkumari Neogy – Author and Creator, Disruptive Diversity (USA)

Sarika Bhattacharyya – Speaker on Gender Issues and Co Founder, Altavis and Biz Divas (India)

Sylvia Ann Hewlett – Economist and Columbia University Professor (US)

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