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Top 10 - Disibility Employee Networks  - 2016

This category recognises the achievements of employee network groups established to work on disability diversity within organisations.

DAWN, (Disability, Ability and Wellbeing Network) - PwC (UK)
PwC’s Disability Network (now DAWN: Disability, Ability & Wellbeing Network) provides a sense of community and raises awareness of all disabilities within the firm. Its 2014/15 strategy aimed to better reflect the inclusiveness and diversity of its members, and led to a 600% increase in membership. Ruby Wax and Dr Christian Jessen have presented events, and the Network has touched upon issues as diverse as mindfulness, living with cancer, and bipolar disorder.

Disability Voice Taskforce - Sodexo (Global)
An established commitment to employees with disabilities is a key part of Sodexo’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy. This has resulted in a range of initiatives aimed at providing an inclusive, adapted work environment, ranging from their global visibility task-force ‘Disability Voice’, to disability networks and best practice sharing. These global projects, from Canada to France, have led to a measurable increase in workplace diversity.

ENABLED, (ENhancing ABilities and LEveraging Disabilities) - Chevron (Global)
​Chevron’s ENABLED Employee Network, founded in 2002, provides resources, support and awareness for disability-related issues. With over 850 employees and contractors in over twenty countries, the network encouraged Chevron to buy and showcase the work of the National Institute of Art & Disabilities (NIAD) artists at Chevron’s corporate headquarters in California. The display aims to promote creative expression, independence, dignity and community integration for people with disabilities.

Fundación ONCE - Ilunion (Spain)
Despite the economic difficulties faced in Spain due to the financial downturn, this year’s Fundacion ONCE has continued to engage with thousands of companies aiming to integrate disabled people into the workforce. Ilunion (the group of companies which comprise Fundacion ONCE) now has more than 30,000 employees, most of whom are disabled.

LEAD (Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability) - (USA)
The LEAD network at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. enables leaders to tap into ideas, share experiences and learn from one another in the drive to increase accessibility for all. LEAD's work involves improving communication, accessible architecture, programming and employment in the arts and cultural environments, and has helped the Kennedy Center to become a leader in its field on these issues.

Lime Connect - Rebranding Disability Through Achievement (Canada)
Lime Connect Canada is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2009 with the support of IBM Canada. Lime Connect links university students and alumni with disabilities to global corporations as an untapped source of talent.
Lime Connect offers scholarship and internship programs, In addition to corporate recruitment receptions and the Lime Network, with the aim of preparing and connecting candidates with disabilities to employers globally.

Reach Disablity Network - Barclays (Global)
Reach, Barclay's Disability Network, exists to enable the bank to achieve its ambition to be the most accessible and inclusive bank for all its stakeholders. In 2014, Reach Network addressed the cultural silence around mental health, leading to ‘This is me’:  a colleague engagement and organisational change campaign which includes workshops and an online portal featuring ‘real’ employees talking about their mental health issues.

Shaw Trust - (Global)
Shaw Trust is a charity helping disabled and disadvantaged people into work, with international interests in Poland and Romania. Recent innovations for the Trust include a focus on public transport and its vital role in helping many disabled people compete in the city workplace. Shaw Trust is a member of several international networks, including Workability Europe, Workability International and Rehabilitation International.

The International Disability Alliance (IDA) - (Global)
The International Disability Alliance (IDA) brings together membership organisations that, combined, represent one billion people with disabilities globally. IDA is a unified voice for persons with disabilities, advancing human rights and inclusive and sustainable development through the United Nations, its agencies and Member States. They established networks for indigenous peoples, youth and women and work closely with UNICEF in supporting children with disabilities to access their rights.

True Ability Employee Resource Group - Dell (EMEA)
Dell’s employee resource group, True Ability, aims to support those impacted by disability and to drive awareness of the challenges faced in Dell’s workplace and the broader community. True Ability boasts 13 chapters in 9 countries, all run voluntarily by employees. True Ability events and activities from Canada to Bratislava expose the wider Dell community to the full potential of each employee, challenging stereotypes and building wider partnerships.

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