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Arlene McDermott

Portfolio Director, LCH Limited

As co-chair of the LSEG Proud Network, McDermott works to ‘smash the corporate closet’, ensuring LGBT+ individuals can be confidently out in the workplace.


Candice Cross

Global Director of Talent, BRITVIC PLC

A proactive supporter of growth and development of all she leads, Cross creates sustainable change through pushing innovation and inclusivity.


Caroline A. Wanga

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Essence Communications

Wanga is a self-proclaimed ‘cultural architect’, pushing for reconstructing new and more inclusive, efficient corporate organizational structure.

@wangawoman @Essence

Christopher Kenna

Chief Executive Officer, Brand Advance

Kenna is a champion of diversity in the marketing and advertising industry, working with companies to ensure their campaigns represent all minority groups.


Cynthia Bowman

Chief Diversity and Inclusion and Talent Acquisition Officer, Bank of America

Specialising in HR, Communications, and D&I, Bowman is leading the charge in implementing inclusive recruitment practices and training across the organisation.

@CynthiaHBowman @BofA_News

Cynthia Owyoung

Vice President, Inclusion, Culture & Change, Charles Schwab

With an accomplished background in marketing, Owyoung drives transformation of workplace culture through building diverse talent into great leaders.


Damien Hooper-Campbell

Chief Diversity Officer, Zoom Communications

Hooper-Campbell brings 15 years of experience in D&I to Zoom, expanding their global strategy for diversity and establishing Zoom’s university recruiting program and initiatives.

@dhoopcamp @zoom_us

John Holland-Kaye

Chief Executive Officer, Heathrow Airport

Holland-Kaye’s goal as CEO is to make Heathrow a welcoming place to the millions of diverse customers and workforce, most prominently in the LGBTQ+ ‘Welcome’ campaign.


Julia Streets

Host, DiverCity Podcast

With 30+ years of experience in finance, Streets uses her podcast to both shine a light on positive change in representation and call out areas requiring further focus.

@streets_julia @divercitypod

Mayank Shah

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, MSDUK

Through MSDUK, Shah has helped over 125 British and global firms establish diversity programs, and supported over 1500 ethnic minority businesses.

@mayank1962 @MSD_UK

Miriam Faber

Content & Campaigns Lead, Facebook

Faber’s award-winning content marketing campaigns engage people in an authentic and credible voice, establishing herself as a champion for change at Facebook.


Mitra Janes

Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, RSA

A background in generalist HR combined with a passion and genuine enthusiasm for D&I makes Janes a business partner who understands how D&I is essential to any business strategy or initiative.


Morgan Lobb

Chief Executive Officer, Vercida

Vercida has connected employers with job seekers who represent and value diversity in the workplace, developing transparent inclusivity in the recruitment sector.

@SayDiversity @Vercida_Global

Pauline Lewis

Group Head of Talent & Diversity, Selfridges Group

Lewis has been key in implementing global plans for talent management and leadership development for many companies. She joined Selfridges Group, which includes Selfridges & Co in the UK, Brown Thomas and Arnotts in Ireland, de Bijenkorf in the Netherlands and Holt Renfrew in Canada.


Raj Tulsiani

Chief Executive Officer, Green Park

Green Park is an executive recruitment and diversity consultancy, where Tulsiani cultivates diverse networks championing and hiring ethnically diverse talent.

@RajTulsiani @GreenParkLtd

Remko de Bruijn

Partner, Kearney

de Bruijn has championed diversity for many years at Kearney, chairing the People, Care and Development Committee and via the Europe DEI Steering Committee.


Robert Hicks

Group HR Director, Reward Gateway

Since 2019, Hicks has made major steps in working on a Diversity strategy for Reward Gateway, consulting with diversity experts and increasing diverse hires in engineering.

@HRinLondon @RewardGateway

Rodey Wing

Partner, Kearney

Wing has been a rallying force behind the Proud Network at Kearney for many years. His ability to inspire has helped many diverse employees to succeed.

@RodeyWing @Kearney

Samantha Jayne Nelson

Offshore Installation Manager, Shell

Representing both transgender people and women in the cis-male dominated field of oil rigs, Nelson challenges common workplace gender stereotypes.


Simon Blake OBE

Chief Executive Officer, MHFA England

Mental Health First Aid CEO, Blake brings years of experience in the charity sector to lead the company’s goal of improving the mental health of the nation.

@Simonablake @MHFAEngland

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