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Top 10 Women’s Employee Networks - 2018

This category recognises the achievements of employee network groups established to work on gender diversity within organisations.

Women@Amazon Network – Amazon (Global)
Women@Amazon connects current and emerging women's groups, providing resources and activities to grow their networks and attract new talent to Amazon. Women@ sponsors the Amazon Circles Program, a global program to support peer mentoring groups. The group partners annually with Amazon Women in Engineering and Women in Finance to host the AmazeCon Conference, which focuses on the innovation sparked by gender-diverse work teams. Women@ has been expanding chapters internationally, bringing women together in places like Hyderabad, India, where Women@India hosted a Women's Day event to share professional stories and explore initiatives to hire and develop women.

dbGO – Deutsche Bank (UK)
Founded in 2003 as the Women in European Business UK network, Deutsche Bank’s UK women’s network, dbGO, was rebranded in 2015. The 600-member strong network, 24% of which are men, focuses on four objectives: inspiration, visibility, career development and influence. Female Managing Directors and Directors have increased by 17% since 2010, and with senior sponsorship from male and female business heads, membership comprises employees across all corporate titles across all locations in the UK.

eBay Women Initiative Network Germany (WIN) – eBay (Global)
WIN is a network initiated by eBay Women to enable sustainable personal and business development through equal opportunities. In 2011, the company hosted its first annual global women leader’s conference – the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) summit. Held in San Francisco, the event brings together the top female leaders from eBay Inc. to identify actions that they and the company can take to begin building greater career opportunities for women and enable eBay to build a more diverse global leadership team.

Global Women’s Network – A.T. Kearney (Global)
For over 20 years, A.T. Kearney’s Global Women's Network has been committed to recruiting, advancing and supporting women. It offers support for new parents, flexible work options, as well as platforms for a businesswomen's exchange to discuss industry-specific issues. With progressive recruitment policies, career development, pro bono projects and thought leadership forums, GWN at A.T. Kearney has demonstrated an industry best practice in gender equality in the workplace.

Sodexo Women’s India Network (SoWIN) – Sodexo (India)
The Sodexo Women’s India Network (SoWIN) was launched with chapters in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. With a mission to “inspire change one person at a time,” SoWIN focuses on raising awareness on gender challenges, facilitating communication across genders, increasing employee engagement and supporting female professional development.
Women at Microsoft – Microsoft (Global)
As one of the largest employee resource groups at the global technology giant, Women at Microsoft strive to develop and support female employees at Microsoft through opportunities such as global conferences, networking events, and mentoring. Women@Microsoft currently reaches over 20K people worldwide through locally led women's employee networks and over 3000 women participated locally in The Global Women's Conference with 800 participating via global hubs in 32 worldwide locations.

Women’s Employee Resource Group – Accenture (Global)
Accenture Women’s Network provides a global internal website that connects women across the company and provides resources that can help them define their vision of success through education, tools and multimedia. The online forum offers women a place to share experiences, advice and insights. The company’s global women’s theme—"Defining success. Your way." focuses on developing leaders, empowering women and enabling women to thrive.
Women’s Network – GE (USA)
GE’s Women’s Network (WN) supports the 70,000 women working at GE to cultivate their leadership skills, business practices, personal contacts, and career opportunities. By engaging and developing its membership in areas such as technology, operations, and commercial roles, GE are promoting growth leaders who will ensure both their career success and GE’s growth as a company.Today, the rapidly growing WN has evolved into a worldwide organization of more than 160 hubs in 60 countries that helps thousands of women around the world.

Women’s Network Tech Women – Intuit (Global)
Intuit Women’s Network and Tech Women at Intuit are two networks with a common purpose: building a community and developing employees, empowering women to help other women and their communities, supporting men championing women, and promoting organisations working together. 2014 marked the company’s largest gathering of its female technical talent, sending 170 women to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing for learning and networking. 

Women’s Program UNSWAP – United Nations (Global)
UNSWAP was set up by Aparna Mehrotra and is a UN system-wide accountability framework designed to measure and progress gender equality. She introduced key measurable indicators so each agency is must show verifiable progress. UNSWAP has made remarkable changes in 5 years, addressing hidden biases by talks and workshops with senior management. Staffed by a team of empowered individuals, the UN-wide network has changed management culture at the highest level.

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