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When we first produced the Global Diversity List in 2016 there were no others of its kind, and many people asked why we would need such a list. The answer: it is important to showcase and amplify the work being done to promote Diversity and Inclusion, as quite simply it inspires others. Diversity is not about who is the best; it is about sharing and being inclusive, encouraging others and setting the standard. Without the initiatives those on this list are implementing the world cannot continue its growth towards Equality for all.


And it cannot be denied that across the globe fundamental freedoms and human rights are under threat, with a rise in hate crimes against marginalised communities, further impacting those who are disadvantaged because of their gender, age, physical abilities, ethnicity, sexuality and other unchangeable characteristics.


I am so optimistic that people can make a difference, that organisations and businesses can shift the dial towards empowering colleagues. This is why I believe it is so important we provide a platform for those who are committed to making real change. The Global Diversity List does just that, recognising those doing outstanding work in Diversity, Equality and belonging, and inspiring others too.


The people and networks on the 2023 Global Diversity List represent a small cross-section of the huge number of people around the world who strive, day in and day out, to make workplaces somewhere employees are welcomed for who they are. Embracing a diverse and inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging among employees, resulting in increased connections. Organisations that adopt Diversity and Inclusion practices realise significant benefits in terms of business results, innovation, and decision-making. It’s a win-win for everyone and deserves to be applauded.


For the first time the list celebrates the Head of Diversity role with its own category. In the early 2000s, many organisations cared very little about Diversity; there were few teams dedicated to its support and growth. Heads or Directors of Diversity, or Chief Diversity Officers were scarce. But according to LinkedIn data, the number of people globally with the Head of Diversity title has more than doubled between 2015 and 2020. I am proud that this list gives others the opportunity to see the commitment and dedication these individuals bring to the workplace in championing diverse and inclusive cultures.


I have spent my life fighting for change, and know from experience that good things come from accepting other people for who they are. And until the day comes when we can say that nobody is undervalued simply because of how they worship, who they love, what they look like, their race, age, gender or physical ability, we will proudly continue to celebrate those who work to make the world a fairer and more equal place.


Congratulations to all those who made the list this year and are striving to influence change. Thank you.


Linda Riley,

Founder, Global Diversity List



Adrien and Pierre Gaubert 

Founders, myGWork 

Linkedin - adrien-gaubert-he-him-7a1b3263 pierre-gaubert-56275951

Founding myGwork to promote empowerment for the LGBTQIA community in finding workplace equality, the Gaubert brothers are dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion.


Andrew Hulbert

Vice Chair, Pareto Facilities Management Ltd

Linkedin - andrewhulbert

Andrew has built an inclusive, social value driven environment at Pareto, including introducing strategies and initiatives that support underrepresented groups.


Cristina Bentue

Chief Operating Officer, IriusRisk 

Linkedin - cristina-bentue-8b5380209

A board member, speaker and activist for women, Cristina encourages and empowers women of all ages to achieve their dreams.


iAsia Brown Senior Producer, Xbox

Linkedin - iasia-brown

A keynote speaker and Military Transition Advisor, iAsia is Co-Chair of the DEIAB Committee at Women In Technology Hollywood.


Leanne Foot

B2B Marketing Director, Lockton 

Linkedin - leanne-foot-792b0a24

Working at Lockton for over 20 years, Leanne supports the LGBTQIA Resource Group and is a chair of the Neurodiversity Group.


Pete Markey

Chief Marketing Officer, Boots UK 

Linkedin - petermarkey

An inspiring leader, dedicated to DE&I, Pete has won four prestigious Marketer of the Year Awards and two Diversity and Inclusion champion awards.


Pips Bunce

Director & Global Head of Investment Banking Technology Strategic Programs, Credit Suisse 

Linkedin - pips-bunce-4795121

Pips educates about LGBTQIA identities, helping others on their journeys, and is Co-chair of the Credit Suisse’s LGBTQIA & Ally Network.


Saskhia Menendez 

Public Speaker 

Linkedin - misssaskhia

Born into a disadvantaged background, singer, public speaker and social change activist Saskhia is a multiracial trans woman, championing Diversity and Inclusion.


Tokeer Ahmed

Head of UK Functional Salesforce & Chair of Capgemini UK’s Race & Equality Network 

Linkedin - tokeer-ahmed-0295a1176

Born in the UK to Pakistani parents, Tokeer champions Diversity at Capgemini, driving change to ensure everyone feels valued and respected.


Zita Holbourne

National Chair and Co-founder, BARAC (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts) UK 

Linkedin - zita-holbourne-frsa-mrhists-hon-fellow-uwtsd-04280721a

An award-winning Black, disabled woman, Zita focuses on equality through her art, and is a community activist and trade union leader.




Gustav Goger

Executive Director Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (EAP), U.S. Department of State 

Linkedin - gustav-goger-3b020a

Gustav has been fundamental in introducing various DEIA training initiatives, and in 2022, received the Luther Replogle Award for Management Improvement.


Hannah Ebbitt-Ngang 

Operations Leader, Lockton 

Linkedin - hannah-ebbitt-ngang-863a5725

Hannah joined Lockton following roles at AXA, Marsh and Aon and is the Chairperson of the Women in Lockton (WiL) Associate Resource Group.


John Casey

President & Managing Director, CNBC International 

Linkedin - john-casey-aa9363a

Proud DEI advocate and highly-respected journalist John successfully led through the pandemic, maintaining the organisation’s status as the top business and financial news brand worldwide.


Katherine Gansallo 

Diversity and Inclusion Director, LSEG

Linkedin - katherine-gansallo

Katherine leads on all group-wide D&I activities, internal campaigns and ambitions, creating a global programme to enhance employment policies at LSEG.


Katie Neeves FRSA 

Founder, Cool2BTrans 

Linkedin - katie-neeves

Katie came out as trans in 2018, founding Cool2BTrans to support and inspire trans people and encourage others to be allies.


Keri Gilder

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board, Colt Technology Services 

Linkedin - kerigilder

As CEO, Keri is passionate about Diversity, Inclusion and the future of tech, directing Colt as a leading digital infrastructure company.


Maxine Ansah

Founder and leader of Black@Kearney Europe, Kearney 

Linkedin - maxine-ansah-273021b3

Maxine is fundamental in promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Kearney where she serves as a Global Ombudsperson and a Global Wellbeing Ambassador.


Rachel Osikoya

Head of Culture, Well-being and Inclusion, LSEG

Linkedin - rachel-osikoya-94a4a82

Rachel has over 20 years of global experience driving Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion strategies in large organisations.


Stephanie Carr

Enterprise Architect & Leader Mfamily Network, Metro Bank (UK) 

Linkedin - stephaniedenisecarr

Stephanie leads Metro Bank’s first family-focused colleague network, Mfamily, and is active in Inclusion networks on gender, sexuality and families.


Theo Sibiya

Partner & Managing Director, Kearney Africa

Linkedin - theo-sibiya-1352b64

Theo has over 23 years industry and consulting experience, both public and private; he strives to make workplace Equlity the norm.





Amanda Walters

Senior Workplace Innovation Advisor, U.S. Department of State

Linkedin - amanda-“mandy”-walters-a860671

With 11 years HR experience in the U.S. Diplomatic Service and 13 years in the private sector, Mandy continuously advocates for Diversity and Inclusion.


Bronwyn Tinker-Kelly

Global Head of Learning, Kearney 

Linkedin - bronwynkelly

Bronwyn has responsibility for end-to end people development of all employees. She is a member of the Belonging@Kearney, PROUD Allyship and Black@Kearney Allyship committees.


Jig Ramji

Group Head of Talent, LSEG

Linkedin - jigramji

Jig sets the D&I strategy at LSEG, facilitating a six-fold increase in the global D&I team to positively create global change.


John Robarts

Managing Director, Global Head of HR for Global Markets, UBS 

Linkedin - john-robarts-9490551

Having contributed to seminars on facilitating disability Inclusion in the corporate sphere, John uses his role to produce positive change.


Kristin Rodney

Workforce DEI, REI 

Linkedin - kristinrodney

Kristin is responsible for the leadership of REI’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy and plans; she is committed to having courageous conversations.


Marie-Helene Tyack

Global Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging Business Partner, Allianz Commercial 

Linkedin - marie-helene-tyack-32819421

An out queer woman, Marie-Helene places Diversity front and centre at Allianz. She is Chair of the Allianz Global Pride Board.


Rebecca Otter

Director, Global HR Practice, Leathwaite 

Linkedin - rebecca-otter-75b46522

Rebecca believes that Equality is a universal right, partnering with CEOs, Boards and Executive Committees to find the very best talent.


Sanchia Alasia

Programme Manager, Advence HE 

Linkedin - sanchiaalasia

An award-winning specialist in Diversity and HR, Sanchia has over 15 years’ experience in creating cultures where staff feel supported.


Shelly McNamara

Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer and Executive Vice President, P&G 

Linkedin - shellymcnamara-writer

Shelly has expanded LGBTQIA employee groups globally at P&G, and is an active member of P&G’s Corporate Women’s Leadership Team.


Maria Loumpourdi

Global Head of Talent Development, Betsson Group 

Linkedin - maria-loumpourdi

Maria is a distinguished leader, mentor, and coach. She is a trailblazer, propelling the Diversity and Inclusion agenda forward within the iGaming industry in Europe and beyond.




Ama Ocansey

UK Head of Diversity and Inclusion, BNP Paribas

Linkedin - ama-ocansey

Ama is dedicated to promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, heading up DE&I practices at BNP Paribas across the UK.


Hayden Majajas

Head of Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Takeda 

Linkedin - haydenmajajas

Hayden is a global DEI leader focused on powering more equitable society; he is an active philanthropist and community leader.


Joy Fitzgerald

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, UnitedHealth Group 

Linkedin - joyfitz

Joy leads strategies and initiatives that create a culture of innovation and performance and is a dynamic speaker and strategic thought partner.


Khushboo Patel

Head of Engagement and Inclusion, Metro Bank (UK)

Linkedin - khushboo—patel

Khushboo leads on Diversity at Metro Bank, using her lived experience as an Asian, disabled woman to shape intersectional Inclusion.


Nina Goswami

Head of Inclusion UK, Clifford Chance 

Linkedin - nina-goswami

Nina drives diverse representation through data, and was previously the BBC’s Creative Diversity Lead heading up the 50:50 The Equality Project.


Rubén Alejandro Ramirez

Group Head Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Syngenta Group 

Linkedin - rubenalejandro

Rubén draws on his extensive background in Diversity, implementing the company’s D&I strategy for 57,000 employees across over 100 countries.


Sacha de Klerk

Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Norton Rose Fulbright 

Linkedin - sachadeklerk

Working on both individual learning and systemic change, Sacha has developed many of Norton Rose Fulbright’s Employee Resource Groups globally.


Sheena Chaudhry

Senior Director Global Diversity and Inclusion, Canada Goose 

Linkedin - sheenachaudhry

With over 20 years’ HR experience Sheena was named one of Canada’s Top Five Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leaders by Women’s Executive Network.


Victoria Edwards

Head of Talent & Inclusion - International, Lockton

Linkedin - victoria-edwards-3537a313

Vic has revolutionised Lockton’s Diversity agenda internationally, drawing on her experience of working in various industries and countries.




Alex Liu

Managing Partner and Chairman, Kearney 

Linkedin - alexliu7

Alex is also Kearney’s Chief Diversity Officer. He speaks regularly on matters of culture, justice and joy, hosting the popular podcast Joy@Work.


David Schwimmer

Chief Executive Officer, LSEG

Linkedin - davidschwimmer

David holds Inclusion at the heart of LSEG’s strategy, enabling change, accountability and alignment across the Group, by embedding an inclusive, high-performing culture.


Gail Peterson

Chief Marketing Officer, Ecolab 

Linkedin - gail-peterson-she-her-8245a9

Gail champions Diversity at Ecolab, founding the Black Leaders Forum and is a member of Ecolab’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.


Lin Yue

Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management 

Linkedin - lin-yue-2021

A thought leader delivering the intersection of Diversity, culture and behavioural science to business. Lin is also the President of the Rising Network in London.


Nina Pusek

Global Senior Manager Belonging, Bacardi 

Linkedin - nina-pusek

Nina is a Diversity & Inclusion expert with 10 years’ experience, driving Bacardi’s Diversity program build an inclusive workplace.


Sadaf Parvaiz

Global Enterprise Inclusion & Diversity Leader, GHD 

Linkedin - sadaf-parvaiz-cpa-ca-9229b317

Appointed the first Global I&D Leader, Sadaf led on the development of GHD’s inaugural Diversity strategy across 200 offices globally.


Sarah Helm

Principal, Kearney 

Linkedin - sarah-helm-70a74011

Collaborating to accelerate DE&I journeys, Sarah works to design pathways and metrics for success, focusing on both Kearney’s clients and communities.


Sharon Peake

Founder & CEO, Shape Talent Ltd 

Linkedin - sharonpeake

With over 20 years’ experience, Sharon is a chartered psychologist and coach. She founded Shape Talent in 2017 to accelerate meaningful progress in gender Equity.


Tiger Tyagarajan

President and Chief Executive Officer, Genpact LLC 

Linkedin - tigertyagarajan

Tiger is passionate about Diversity and leads Genpact’s commitment in fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.


Wallace Wang

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partner, Vice President, Barclays 

Linkedin - wallacewang66

Wallace leads Inclusion through talent management and organisational development. He is a certified Executive Coach and Neuroscience Leadership certified practitioner.



Christine Palmer

Chief Risk Officer, Santander UK 

Linkedin - christine-palmer-61803719b

Christine is a true Diversity and Inclusion leader. She is Executive Committee Sponsor for REACH, Santander’s race, ethnicity and cultural heritage network.


Deon Pillay

Head of Marketing Operations, Legal & General Investment Management 

Linkedin - deonpillay

Deon is a culture carrier and Diversity champion, working tirelessly to drive LGBTQIA Inclusion both internally and in the wider industry.


Fraser Longden

Chief Operations Officer, Wickes 

Linkedin - fraser-longden-69b6b32

Fraser uses his position at Wickes to drive tangible and effective change within the business to create a more diverse and inclusive environment.


Jacqui Lloyd

Head of Apprenticeships & Diversity Programmes, Citi 

Linkedin - jacquilloyd

An award-winning LGBTQIA speaker and advocate, Jacqui enables and empowers talent at Citi. She is Co-Chair of our Citi LGBT+ Network - PRIDE.


Murray Auchincloss

Interim CEO, bp

Linkedin - murray-auchincloss-33bba580

Murray is a committed advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. For him, Diversity is not just only about fairness, it’s key to business success.


Sarah Rench

Data, AI and Industry Solutions Global COE Director, Avanade 

Linkedin - sarah-rench

As European Executive Sponsor of PRISM, Avanade’s LGBTQIA network, Sarah has demonstrated outstanding leadership and advocacy for women, the LGBTQIA community and other underrepresented groups.


Stacia Jones

Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action, Employee Relations & Compliance, lululemon 

Linkedin - stacia-marie-jones-esq

Stacia is focused on incorporating Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action into every business area; she is an inspirational, results- driven, people-focused leader.


Tom Shropshire

General Counsel & Company Secretary, Diagio

Linkedin - tom-shropshire-666505122

A leader in Inclusion and Diversity, Tom is a Steering Committee member of the Parker Review, consulting on the ethnic Diversity of UK boards.


Yasmin Diamond

Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, IHG Resorts & Hotels 

Linkedin - yasmin-diamond-cb-27637619

Championing a diverse culture, Yasmin is a role model and mentor. She is a member of IHG’s Global DE&I Board, setting IHG’s inclusivity agenda.


Dr. Zaheer Ahmad MBE

Founder, EqualityX 

Linkedin - zahmadmbe

A global leader of D&I over the last two decades, Zaheer started EqualityX to celebrate outstanding Muslim talent and champion the achievements of inclusive Muslim employers.




Disability & Neurodiversity Employee Resource Groups


Linkedin - weareams

These networks collaborate to build a community that thrives on being authentic, bold and passionate in their approach to Inclusion.


Adapt Network


Linkedin - atos

The Atos Adapt network supports employees with disabilities to reach their full potential in the workplace, assisting with work adjustments.




Linkedin - Bayer

ENABLE supports employees who have disabilities or family members with disabilities, acting as a network to help them thrive whilst maintaining focus.


Disability Confidence Network


Linkedin - GSK

The Disability Confidence Network is dedicated to ensuring employees feel valued and able to reach their potential through Inclusion, awareness, education, access to workplace adaptations and advocacy.




Linkedin - Jacobs

ACE (Access. Connect. Empower) champions accessibility, community and opportunity for caregivers and employees with disabilities, providing both information and networking.


Neurodiversity Network

Legal & General Group 

Linkedin - legal-&-general

Among other goals, Neurodiversity Network aims to remove barriers faced by neurodiverse colleagues and improve talent development of L&G’s existing neurodiverse pool.


Disability at Microsoft


Linkedin - Microsoft

Disability at Microsoft creates spaces for discussion, support and awareness, connecting with key stakeholders across the organisation to embed accessibility.


DAWN, Disability, AWareness Network


Linkedin - PwC

DAWN inspires a sense of community, empowering and supporting diverse talent for both members with lived experience of disability and allies.


Sodexo Organization for disAbilities Resources (SOAR)


Linkedin - Sodexo

SOAR raises awareness, provides education and resources, and proactively provides outreach to create a culture that embraces, values and fully utilises those with disabilities.


Wavemaker Enable


Linkedin - wavemakerglobal

Enable’s objective is to create an equitable working environment for everyone, irrespective of their neurological, psychological or physical differences.




Allianz GRACE

Allianz Technology and Allianz Services 

Linkedin - allianz-technology

Linkedin - allianz-services

GRACE acts as an enabler to raise awareness and visibility on racial and ethnic Diversity, ensuring an inclusive, safe and bias-free workplace for all employees


Together Network


Linkedin - Atos

The Together Network has emerged as a leading force in promoting ethnic Diversity and Inclusion within Atos, with a message of advocating excellence in cultural Diversity.


FT Embrace

Financial Times 

Linkedin - financial-times

FT Embrace works to inform and educate individuals about BAME experiences and raises cultural awareness through open discussions and events.




Linkedin - Jacobs

OneWorld fosters a diverse environment to collaborate, welcome and celebrate differences in a safe space, providing cross-cultural engagement.


Black@Kearney Network


Linkedin - Kearney

Black@Kearney Network reflects the cultural growth of Kearney offices globally, notably engaging the next generation through the Student Lab Programme.


Culture Club

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

Linkedin - legal-&-general-investment-management

Culture Club ERG promotes and celebrates the understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism, Diversity and allyship through collaboration, dialogue, Inclusion and action


Asian Affinity Network


Linkedin - London-stock-exchange-group

LSEG’s Asian Affinity Network embodies its cultural intent, partnering with leadership to increase the progression of employees with Asian heritage.




Linkedin - paramount-pictures

Fusion champions cultural Diversity throughout the business. It celebrates, promotes and changes how employees view cultural Diversity.


Origins, Nationality and Ethnicity (ONE) ERG

Standard Chartered 

Linkedin - standardchartered

ONE engages Standard Chartered in dialogue, educates the workforce on ethnic Diversity and supports the implementation of D&I strategy.


Wavemaker Roots


Linkedin - wavemakerglobal

Newly rebuilt, the Roots community continues to grow and its work has expanded beyond Wavemaker to the advertising industry and local community more broadly.






Linkedin - Amazon

Glamazon began as an email chain in 1999, and now it focuses on community projects, civil rights and Pride Month activities.


LGBTQ+ and Allies ERG


Linkedin - AMS

AMS’s LGBTQ+ and Allies ERG is committed to creating an environment where the LGBTQIA+ community is visible, heard, and proud.



Deutsche Post DHL Group 

Linkedin - deutsche-post-und-dhl

Establised in 2008, RainbowNet provides a platform for LGBTQIA+ employees to share their experiences and has members across the globe.


PRIDE at Google


Linkedin - google

Pride at Google believes that authenticity should always be embraced. They are working to create spaces of belonging for LGBTQ+ communities.




Linkedin - JTI

An employee-led group, PRIDE brings people together from all levels, offering peer-to-peer support, raising awareness and providing a safe space.




Linkedin - Kearney

Proud focuses on visibility, ally engagement, intersectionality and recruitment, and Kearney now has inclusion scores of over 100 points.


Lockton Pride


Linkedin - lockton-companies

Lockton Pride are committed to bringing together all members of the LGBTQIA community and its Allies through education and awareness.




Linkedin - myGwork

myGwork is the largest global business network community of LGBTQ+ professionals, graduates and inclusive employers, ensuring a safe space in the workplace.




Linkedin - paramount-pictures

Proud aims to enrich the professional and personal development of LGBTQIA employees at Paramount globally, by promoting community, cause and culture.


PROUD Brazil

Syngenta Group 

Linkedin - syngentagroup

PROUD Brazil creates a supportive environment for Syngenta’s LGBTQIA colleagues, with 3,000 people now participating annually in its Pride Day events.



EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women


Linkedin - EY

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women connects women entrepreneurs with advice and resources, with its membership reaching over 800 across 55 countries.


FT Women

Financial Times 

Linkedin - Financial-Times

FT Women runs events and networking opportunities to educate, empower and advance its employees, represented by networks in London and New York.


Lean In Circle

IHG Hotels & Resorts 

Linkedin - ihghotels&resorts

IHG’s growing global network of Lean In Circles empowers its female colleagues to realise their ambitions, providing advice and sounding boards.


BPW International

International Federation of Business and Professional Women 

Linkedin - international-federation-of-business-and-professional-women-be

With networks of professional women in over 100 countries, BPW International develops career potential through mentoring, networking, empowerment programmes and more.


Women’s Network


Linkedin - Kearney

One of the longest-standing networks at Kearney, The Women’s Network is committed to recruiting, advancing and supporting the careers of its female employees.


Women of Kellogg (WOK)


Linkedin - kellogg-company

WOK is Kellogs’s largest ERG and is committed to accelerating gender equity progress to increase female representation across all areas of the business.


Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN)


Linkedin - mcdonald’s-corporation

The GWLN was established in 2022 to foster relationships, support career development and connect female role models with mentors.


Women’s Business Alliance

Morgan Stanley 

Linkedin - morgan-stanley

The Women’s Business Alliance was launched in 2011 to promote career development for women, providing advice and support alongside business relationship building.


Women of Nike & Friends Network (WON)


Linkedin - Nike

Women of Nike & Friends (WON) empowers, inspires and invests in women at Nike, investing in three areas: Career, Champion and Connect.


WeConnect International 

WeConnect International 

Linkedin - weconnectinternational

WEConnect International drives money into the hands of women business owners, representing 16,000 people across 135 countries in 2022.

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