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LGBT+ employee NETWORK

Athletics Pride Network

The Athletics Pride Network was launched in April 2020 as the first sports network dedicated to supporting LGBT+ athletes across the UK.


Disney PRIDE


Disney PRIDE is The Walt Disney Company’s resource group for LGBTQ+ and ally employees, fostering a culture of authenticity and inclusivity across the enterprise.


Diversity & Inclusion Network


TSB’s D&I Network looks to offer support to LGBT+ members of TSB with mentoring, clear messages of support, and activities to foster inclusivity across the year.


GLOW Network

Oliver Wyman

GLOW is Oliver Wyman’s network for LGBTQ+ colleagues, having launched an LGBTQ+ mentoring programme, employee training, and meet-and-greets.


Global Transgender Group

JP Morgan

JP Morgan’s transgender resource group has provided the company with training led by transgender employees and championing diverse hiring practices.


LGBT+ Friends Network


The LGBT + Friends Network works to connect and support LGBT+ employees at Vodafone by providing advice and guidance to make a positive impact on the workplace.


PRIDE Network


Run by and for employees, Pride at JTI has introduced initiatives based on raising awareness, peer-to-peer support, and business accountability.


PRISM Network

Slaughter and May

Launched in 2009, PRISM aims to connect and support members of Slaughter and May’s LGBT+ community through Pride initiatives, talks, and events.


Pride Network


With over 330 members and 10 active chapters globally, Intuit’s Pride Network connects LGBTQ+ employees, driving education, awareness, fundraising, and hosting Pride events.


Proud Network


Proud has driven Kearney to become an ever more inclusive space. The network focuses on LGBTQ+ visibility, ally engagement, intersectionality, and recruiting.


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