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Andrew James Barr

Australian politician and Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory

Working to promote Canberra’s economic, social, and cultural development, Barr is also lauded as the first openly gay head of government in Australia.


Barack Obama

American Politician, Attorney, Campaigner

The first Black President of the U.S., Obama enacted several landmark bills during his presidency, including launching the ACA, and the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage.


Belinda Parmar OBE

Entrepreneur, Campaigner, Activist

As a diversity campaigner for most of her adult life, Parmar has particularly focused on bridging the gap in representation of women in tech and STEM.


Chaz Bono

American Writer, Musician, Actor

Bono is one of the most recognisable trans individuals in the U.S., with a history of LGBTQ+ activism, most recently appearing in the documentary Disclosure.


Edward Enninful OBE

Editor-in-Chief, VOGUE

Often named the forefront voice in British fashion, Enninful has headed diverse publications since he was appointed Director of i-D at 18 years old.

@Edward_Enninful @BritishVogue

Emma Watson

Actress, Activist

An established actress, Watson has used her influence to launch HeForShe, a campaign focusing on solidarity for the advancement of gender equality.


Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister of New Zealand

Since her election in 2017, Ardern has been an outspoken ally for LGBT rights, marching at Auckland Pride, and pushing forward progressive policy.


June Sarpong OBE

Director of Creative Diversity, BBC

One of the most recognizable and dynamic hosts on British TV, Sarpong is now responsible for improving the BBC’s on-air talent portrayal and commissioning as Director of Creative Diversity.

@junesarpong @BBC

Kamala Harris

Vice President-Elect, United States of America

Harris is the current Vice President-Elect of the U.S., following a successful career as an attorney and senator. She represents a number of landmark firsts: the first Asian-American, African-American, Biracial, and female V.P., also soon to be the highest-ranking female elected official in U.S. history.


Karine Jean-Pierre

Chief of Staff to Kamala Harris

Jean-Pierre has worked on both Obama’s and Biden’s presidential campaigns, now working with Harris. An expert in encouraging political engagement, she is also an activist for human rights.


Mandy Sanghera

Humans Rights Activist

An award-winning philanthropist, Sanghera has driven innovation and advocacy in the areas of human rights, gender equality, and social justice globally.


Meghan Markle

Duchess of Sussex, Actress, Philanthropist

Making headlines for marrying into the British Royal Family, Markle is a self-proclaimed feminist and uses her influence to promote gender equality and support fundraising efforts for various charities.

Instagram @SussexRoyal

Michael Cashman CBE

Former actor, Politician

Cashman’s career as an actor and politician have seen him provide both representation and activism in support of LGBTQI rights across Europe.


Munroe Bergdorf

Activist, Model

Bergdorf is a mainstay of the modelling world while also empowering transgender children through representation, walking at both London and NYC Fashion Week.


Nikolay Alexandrovich Alexeyev

LGBT rights activist, lawyer, and journalist

At the forefront of the fight for LGBT rights, Alexeyev took Russia to the European Court of Human Rights to defend the right to host Pride in Moscow.


Oprah Winfrey

American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist

Oprah is a cultural icon in the U.S., with a media empire founded on ideas of acceptance, self-love, and inclusion. She champions and represents diversity.


Ros Atkins

BBC News presenter and journalist, and the founder of 50:50 The Equality Project

Founder of the largest collective action on increasing female representation at the BBC, Atkins’ work embeds representation into daily editorial thinking and processes.


Shaun David Dellenty

Inspirational Speaker & Former Headteacher

Dellenty is an education professional, delivering LGBT+ inclusion seminars and speeches at schools across the UK, as well as into Europe and India.


Taiga Ishikawa

Politician and LGBT activist

Ishikawa was the first openly gay elected councillor in his native Japan, and has helped to successfully lobby for same-sex matrimonial rights.


Whembley Sewell

Editor-in-Chief, THEM

Emmy-Award winning Creative Director, Sewell is a great example of how young voices can amplify diversity in worldwide media publications as well as bring a new perspective.

@whembleysewell @them

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